IPL Betting Odds: What Are the Current Betting Odds?

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Are you excited for the 2021 IPL season to begin? If yes, you need to check the betting odds to prepare yourself and to set your eyes on the winning team. With the advent of the IPL season from 9th April 2021, the betting market is going to open shortly. People have already started placing outright bets on teams as the odds are out.

IPL Betting

IPL is a type of cricket tournament in which eight teams compete with each other to win the winner title. It is an international cricket event which takes places in India. Unlike national teams, each team consist of various international players. There are only 20 overs in the IPL match. Teams mostly pay attention to scoring more runs instead of saving wickets.

Mumbai Indians are the reigning champions since 2019. They have consecutively won 2 IPL seasons. Most of the Indian bettors wait for the IPL season to begin as it is one of the most popular betting events. In order to place bets, you need to check the odds and read the tips and predictions. It helps you to place winning bets. 

IPL Betting Odds

ipl betting

Betting odds are nothing but betting rates. In the betting world, each team is given odds or rates. You need to check the rate of both teams to place the right bet. The odds can be in any format, decimal, fraction, American, etc. You need to consider the odds to increase your winning amount. The odds clearly show the favoured and the underdog team.

A team with a high winning chance always has fewer odds so that the bookmaker can maintain their profit. The team will less chance of winning has high odds. IPL betting odds keep on changing after every match. The bookmakers consider all the factors before assigning odds to the team. As the IPL auction is over, we currently have the betting odds.

2021 IPL Betting Odds

Here are the current betting odds. However, these odds will change once the IPL season starts. The odds keep on changing after every match.

Winners Odds

These are the winner’s odds. You can use these odds for outright betting. It shows the odds for the teams who are likely to win the IPL season.

  • MI: The current odds for the team are 10/3.
  • CSK: The odds are 13/2.
  • DC: They have 9/2 odds.
  • RCB: The odds are 5/1.
  • SRH: The odds are 6/1.
  • RR: The odds for this team is 8/1.
  • KKR: They have 7/1 odds.
  • KXIP: The odds are 12/1.

These are the current IPL betting odds for the winning team. The odds clearly shows which teams have better chances of winning this IPL season. The odds will change after the IPL season starts.

Top Four Finalist Odds

These odds are for the teams who are more likely to finish in the top four.

  • MI: The odds for the team are 7/5.
  • DC: They have 17/10 odds.
  • CSK: The odds are 11/5.
  • RCB: The odds are 19/10.
  • RR: The odds for this team is 52/20.
  • KKR: They have 12/5 odds.
  • KXIP: The odds are 9/2.

These are the current IPL odds. You can check other types of odds on various betting sites. Choose the bookmaker which provides better betting odds.

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